Athletic Based Training Volume 2 – 2020

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In Volume 1 we spent 4 weeks focusing on dynamic athletic movement. Now it’s time to increase overall strength and build lean muscle. One of the secrets to our success at Phase 1 is our ability to incorporate traditional strength training exercises with our hybrid athletic movements.

So in Volume 2 you can expect to see exercises that you recognize with a Phase 1 twist. For example in “Lower Body A” we will barbell squat, but we will be doing 1 1/2 reps with chains. This will alter the muscle lengthening and shortening pattern while adding varied resistance.

So if you are ready for your next level of results, Volume 2 is the program for you!


Overall Goal:

The overall goal is to maximize the results of every athlete that we have the opportunity to train! It truly is that simple for Reggie, myself and our team at Phase 1. So almost two decades later here we are sharing the actual programs that we have created, tested and that have proven to be successful for NFL athletes like Brandon Marshall, Xavier Grimble, Andrew Beck. NBA athletes like DJ Wilson, Gary Peyton III, Zach Lofton. And many other professional athletes in the WNBA, UFC, MLS, etc. So athletes that have the work ethic and discipline to be great and just need the right program to follow. Coaches that want to take their team to the next level. Parents that want to work hands on with your young athlete. Here is the program for you.

Athletic Based Training that is guaranteed to get you the results you are looking for!

This online training package comes with:

  • An 8-page PDF with details/keys of the workouts.
  • Private access to accompanying training and instructional videos.
  • Day 1 – Lower Body (A)
  • Day 2 – Upper Body (A)
  • Day 3 – Lower Body (B)
  • Day 4 – Upper Body (B)