Don't let online school stop the development of your student-athlete!

We can all admit that traditional school is not designed for student-athletes. The schedule, the amount of time spent between classes and the lack of athlete development can all be keeping your athlete from maximizing their potential.

There is a reason why athletes in sports like golf, gymnastics and tennis make the decision to join academies. In reality that is the only way to control the amount of time spent on academics, athlete development and competition. Not to mention the ever-complicated scheduling issues with homework, practice, travel and in some cases multiple athletes in the family!

So if you think about it, joining Phase 1 Sports Academy is a great concept. Not to mention that we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that has forced CCSD students into online "only" academic curriculum. As if things weren’t complicated enough already, now you have to manage online school, and try to create and manage some type of structure for your student-athletes.

So to say the least, we know that most of you are not super excited about "homeschooling" your athletes and that's where Phase 1 Sports Academy comes in.
As this message goes out, we are completing the construction of our new classrooms at both Northwest and South locations. We have made a name in the Las Vegas Valley developing the most elite athletes for over 17 years and now we are taking it to another level!

To be clear, we are not here just to give you another option. We are giving you the answer to providing your student-athlete with the best possible resources to be successful both on and off the field or court.

Monday through Friday athletes will have 3 hours a day of dedicated academic and life skills training. That will be followed by a healthy meal prep lunch which is included and 2 hours of athlete performance training and recovery. Each group will have a maximum of 20 athletes to assure quality and individual attention. We will also work with each athlete on an individual basis when it comes to scheduling, tournaments, games and travel.This is a true Sports Academy built on years of athlete development.

We have made a conscious decision to develop a program that is guaranteed to take your athlete to the next level!

Our Mission: Phase 1 Sports Academy  was created to give athletes and parents every resource needed to develop in every area of being an elite student-athlete. At P1SA we require each athlete to maintain the highest level of academic and athletic excellence, while developing life skills that will translate well beyond sports.

What to Expect

Academic Excellence | Athlete Performance Training | Elite Athlete Recovery | Life Skills Development | Community Outreach | Nutrition Consultation | Continental Breakfast | Daily Meal Prep | Monthly Academic Assessment | Monthly Athletic Assessment

Enrollment is currently open for January 2021!

Phase 1 Sports Academy

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