Phase 1 Sports is a premier, athlete development facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A full-service destination for athletes of all sports, Phase 1 offers youth to pro-level performance programs, sports-specific skills development, team camps, combines and recruiting services  in addition to adult FX group classes and personal training.

The brainchild of a former UNLV football player, Phase 1 Sports' inception was in 2003, training out of local parks and schools across the Las Vegas valley. Fourteen years later, Phase 1 Sports has grown into a 22,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility complete with indoor turf, weightlifting room, basketball court, sports therapy and rehabilitation, cryotherapy, nutrition program and meal prep service.

An integrated approach to performance training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset.  As athletes progress to more competitive divisions, Phase 1 Sports will groom these focal points to maximize result.

The mission: to exceed personal goals, drive results and ensure that each and every athlete emerges mentally tougher, physically stronger and fully equipped for their event date.

Adult AX remains one of the most effective ways to reach your health and fitness goals. Whether it is timeline-specific or a lifestyle change, Phase 1 Sports offers progressive training programs to help you reach your personal best.


"Our Mission is to utilize passion, purpose and knowledge to ensure that we maximize results so every member of Phase 1 Sports reaches their full potential. We make your goals our goals and we won't stop until we reach them" 

-M. Waters