While spending time in San Diego I did what I always do when traveling. Got up about 8am, jumped in some training gear and set out for a morning run/workout. Toward the end of that workout I started to get a weird internal feeling, telling me to look at the water. Now lets be clear, I’m working out on Mission Beach. So I started with a run down the boardwalk, followed by some sprints in the sand. So I was very aware of the water/ocean. But that voice of instincts once again said look at the water! So after the 3rd time I stopped and did just that. I looked at the water. Now I get it, I understand the message that God was sending. The first thing I noticed was the magnitude of the ocean. How powerful the waves were and how I can look out as far as my eyes can see and it’s nothing but water. Ok, what did I get from that. A Clear message that we are a lot more powerful than we realize. We should be thinking bigger than we are thinking. So I believe the message that God was sharing with me and what I want to share with you is.. Go back to the drawing board and 10x all of your goals and dreams. No more thinking small, no more accepting less, lets win and win BIG!

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