Michael Waters, Founder and President of Phase 1 Sports                                               NASM CPT, PES, Nutrition Advisor, Motivational Speak & Published Writer

Michael Waters has built a name within the sports and fitness industry through his entrepreneurship innovative approach to performance training and exceptional sports marketing skills. Waters has been the principal owner of Phase 1 Sports since its inception 15 years ago. His leadership has played a major role in the success and advancement of hundreds of athletes spanning all ages and sports, from youth to professional leagues.

An active participant in the Clark County School District PAYBAC program, Stay in School mentoring project, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization, Waters is also a co-founder of the Phase 1 Foundation, a non-profit organization that uses sports as a channel to motivate and inspire at-risk youth. 

Mark Henness, Partner and Co-Owner of Phase 1 Sports

Mark Henness is a 25-year resident of Las Vegas. Mark's passion for helping athletes runs deep as both of his sons were captains of their high school football teams, later advancing to the college level. Mark saw the undeniable benefit of performance training as it related to their success on the field and even more so translated to their character off the field. Through this experience his passion and involvement in athletics grew, and he was inspired to open a performance center to fill a need in the community for sports-specific training.

In order to provide the opportunity to more athletes throughout the valley, Mark built a performance facility in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley to take training from the city parks to a world-class facility where athletes have access to elite training as well as access to the best physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Mark is proud to partner with Mike Waters as they share the same passion in seeing athletes reach their maximum potential.

Mark is also a trial attorney, owner and founder of Henness & Haight, as well as an NFL agent.