6 Week ABT Program- Athlete Development

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6 Week ABT Program- Athlete Development


This is a complete Athletic Based Training Program designed for high school, college and professional athletes. We have had success here at Phase 1 Sports with this exact program and now we are sharing it with you. Follow this program exact to maximize your results!

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What you can expect with this 6 week program:

Day 1: Strength (on YouTube)

Day 1 of this 6 Week Athlete Development Program starts with 3 exercises. Bench Squat Deadlift

Day 2: Speed (on YouTube)

Speed Development is the focus for Day 2. This program is designed to increase overall speed by developing hip flexor strength and increasing overall turn over.

Day 3: Functional Strength (online)

As an athlete being strong is a good thing. However if you do not develop Functional Strength it will not be utilized on the court or field. Day 3 is designed to assure that your strength translates in your sport.

Day 4: Hip Mobility and Agility (online)

One of the keys to athletic movement is Hip Mobility. As athletes we usually do not spend enough time focussing on this area. This program will assure you maintain and enhance your overall Hip Mobility and Agility.

Day 5: Conditioning (online)

Everyone’s favorite, Conditioning “not” Well conditioning is the last component to make sure the program is complete. While competing, fatigue has the ability to neutralize all of your hard work. So as athletes we need to assure that we are conditioned and able to compete at a high level throughout the game or competition.